Weird Buildings of the World

Dancing House
weird buildings

Dancing house is the nickname given to Nationale-Nederlanden building located in Prague, Czech Republic. The building was designed by Vlado Milunic, a Croatian-Czech architect and Frank Gehry, a Canadian architect in the year 1992 and the construction was finished in 1996. It houses many offices and a French restaurant at the top. 'Fred and Ginger' was the original name given to this house, after the famous dancing duo- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The strange structure gives the building yet another name, 'Drunk House'.

Free Spirit House
weird buildings

Free spirit houses are built in British Columbia and Canada, which was invented and manufactured by Tom Chudleigh. The houses are in the shape of sphere which is made of wood and it hangs from trees or cliffs suspended from a rope. One will have to make use of spiral stairway to reach this beautiful house, which looks like a fruit hanging from the tree. The house is mainly meant for grown-ups.

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1: strange !!! is the only word which one will utter looking at this spectacular constructions. Yes, all these architectures are amongst the best.
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Posted by: Khalid - 02 Mar, 2016