Weird Buildings of the World

Upside Down House

weird buildings

The upside down house is located in Poland in the tiny village of Szymbark which is a hot tourist spot. Daniel Czapiewski is the architect behind this offbeat construction who constructed this building as an artistic statement regarding the communist era and the present condition of the world. People who visit this house complain of dizziness after being here for few minutes and even the workers experienced the same. It took 114 days to build this structure and construction finished in the year 2006.

Basket Building
weird buildings

Basket building is located in Ohio, USA and as the name suggests it resembles the shape of a basket. It is one of the weirdest office building in the world, which is the headquarters of Longaberger Basket Company. The structure is built on a square feet of 180, 000 and took two years to complete its construction. The building imitates the model of the popular market basket of the company and the whole concept of such an unusual structure comes from Dave Longaberger, founder of the company.
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1: strange !!! is the only word which one will utter looking at this spectacular constructions. Yes, all these architectures are amongst the best.
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Posted by: Khalid - 02 Mar, 2016