Weird Buildings of the World

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weird buildings

The building situated in Vancouver, Canada was designed by Dennis Oppenheim, an American. The building was at first proposed to be set up at Stanford University in California, but the idea was rejected by the President of the University. He feared controversies since the image of the building resembles an inverted church. Finally, the building was installed in Vancouver in the year 2006, by a private foundation, Benfic Foundation.

Flintstone House
weird buildings

The Flintstone house is located in Hillsborough, California, which was designed by William Nicholson in the year 1976.The building is a series of domes which looks attractive and unusual. The building was constructed forming a wire mesh over aeronautical balloons which were overblown and then concrete was sprayed on them. Earlier it had an off-white colour, but later on in the mid-80's, it was re-painted with deep-orange colour.
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1: strange !!! is the only word which one will utter looking at this spectacular constructions. Yes, all these architectures are amongst the best.
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Posted by: Khalid - 02 Mar, 2016