Weird Buildings of the World

Stone House
weird buildings

This crazy looking house is situated in Portugal in the Fafe Mountains. The house is built in between two huge stones, which is connected with a concrete mix. The construction is said to have taken inspiration from the American Flintstones cartoon. The house looks pre-historic and has some traditional features like front door, windows and roof. Thousands of tourists are attracted towards this house each year. There isn't much detail regarding the designer and year of construction.

The UFO Houses
weird buildings

The UFO houses located in Sanzhi of Taiwan are a set of deserted buildings, which resembles the shape of shells. They are also known as Sanzhi pod houses or Sanzhi pod city. The unusual architecture attracted thousands of people to this place and it even became the subject of a film. In the year 2010, the houses were demolished and it got being converted into a sea-side resort and water park.
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1: strange !!! is the only word which one will utter looking at this spectacular constructions. Yes, all these architectures are amongst the best.
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Posted by: Khalid - 02 Mar, 2016