10 Most Amazing Airports of Modern Times

Amazing Airports
7. Zurich Airport
Yearly Passengers: 24.8 Million
2012 Rank: 7
Zurich Airport, located 7 miles north of the Zurich's city center, has an impeccable track record for baggage delivery system. Zurich's largest international airstrip that has significantly expanded since 2003 has received the top honors in the Best Airport Baggage Delivery category on the European continent.
The recent expansions, new terminal and state of the art underground automated train called the Skymetro, has truly galvanized the passenger experience at this marvelous tarmac.

Amazing Airports
6. Munich Airport
Yearly Passengers: 38.4 Million
2012 Rank: 6
Munich Airport, Germany's second busiest airstrip which needs a 45 minutes train ride from the city center is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing airports on the list. The walls and ceilings largely made up of glass and the food that is not worth a miss offers an experience that is beyond explanation.
The airport, which is a shopping, business and recreational hub, was named as the Best in Central Europe, and the World's Best Airport for Dining.
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