10 Most Amazing Airports of Modern Times

Amazing Airports
5. Beijing Capital International Airport
Yearly Passenger: 81.9 Million
2012 Rank: 5
Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), one of the largest, the busiest and among the very few that can handle the largest metal bird created by mankind, the A380.
The 'Global Kitchen' at airports Terminal 3 that serves from 72 stores is a foodie's paradise.
The airport, popularly known as 'China Gateway' came fifth for Best Airport Terminal and took second place for Best Baggage Delivery.

Amazing Airports
4. Hong Kong International Airport
Yearly Passenger: 56.1 million
2012 Rank: 3
Hong Kong International Airport, which was voted as one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th century at the ConExpo conference in 1999 is an engineering masterpiece. Built on a large artificial island, formed by leveling two islands and reclaiming the adjacent seabed, this floating airstrip is designed for passenger convenience and is among the most accessible airports in operation presently.
Though the airport didn't win any awards, it has made it to top five for cleanliness, shopping, dining and leisure amenities.
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