10 Most Amazing Airports of Modern Times

Amazing Airports
3. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Yearly Passengers: 51 Million
2012 Rank: 4
For the first time since last six years, there has been a change in the world's top 3 airports, with Holland's main international airport being elevated to the third spot in the survey.
Opened in 1916 for military purpose, the airport which has its own mortuary, has transformed into one of the best in its class.
As per Skytrax, Schiphol has one of the finest shopping and dining options.

Amazing Airports
2. Incheon International Airport
Yearly Passengers: 39.2 million
2012 Rank: 1
Incheon International Airport, the largest airstrip is South Korea, has slipped to number 2 in the list. Home to the renowned Hyatt Regency airport hotel, this airport is famed to be the finest international transit airport. It also houses Louis Vuitton's first duty free store and features best of the class luxury amenities such as a golf course, ice skating rink, indoor games, a casino, spa, private sleeping rooms and more.

Amazing Airports
1. Singapore Changi Airport
Yearly Passengers: 51.2 million
2012 Rank: 2
The Changi Airport, which is well-known as the traveler's delight, is purely designed to alleviate the tour stress with lots of greenery, a butterfly garden and an outdoor pool. It was honored with the Airport of the Year award, followed by the Best Airport in Asia and the Best Airport for Leisure Amenities accolades.
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