10 Stunning Roads for a Lifetime Drive

Bangalore: Going for a long drive with your loved ones or even alone is the best way to replace the familiar and dull everyday commuting with some refreshing air. And when those paved tar creations under your wheels transforms into challenging and complicated bends, long fast straights, little to no traffic and especially with beautiful view, then it makes your drive the pleasure of a lifetime clocked with elucidate thrill.

Here is list of 10 gorgeously mythical highways around the world that inspires you to hit the road!

10. The Overseas Highway - Florida Keys

The stunning 205.2 km highway soars from island to island across 42 bridge southwest through Florida Keys over an extraordinarily blue ocean. The road was built in 1938 on the former right-of-way of the Overseas Railroad which got destroyed in a hurricane.

Most part of this long highway stands on water and it's a pure pleasure to drive about 5 hours to reach the next island. If you started your drive early morning or early evening you will be blessed to see the incredible view sunrise or sunset.

For most of the year this highway is free of traffic, but if you came here in the holiday season chances are there that you might witness some traffic. But with that spectacular scenery around and marvelous engineering ahead you will love to stay on this road forever!
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Reader's comments(1)
1: a 5 hour drive above the sea! imagining that gives you goosebumps.
Posted by: Riya - 28 Sep, 2012