Countries That Are Dangerous, Yet Beautiful

Bangalore: Traveling is presumed to be about leaving the monotonous life behind, and have a rejuvenating experience. But not all countries in the world give you a guarantee of having an experience that is worth cherishing for a lifetime, as they have developed an unfavorable environment for tourism. Take a look at the countries that are worth a miss, as reported by Charles W. Bryant of howstuffworks and Kenza Moller of WildJunket.
Mexico's image as a popular tourist destination, has taken a beating in the last few years. It has emerged as a hub for drug smugglers, and some parts of the country have become virtual war zones. Though the popular tourist destinations are still regarded as 'relatively safe', the tally of headless bodies continues to increase and the bloodshed doesn't seem to stop in most of the parts in the country.
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