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kolar The gold fields

The kolar city is located on the southern maidan region of Karnataka. The Ammerallikere, a tank, forms its eastern boundary. To the north is the Kodikannur tank,
Kolar lies in the eastern part of Karnataka. It is famous for its erstwhile gold mines in India.

KOLAR is also famous for Gold mines.The gold mines of KGF were closed down by BGML in 2001 due to reducing deposits and increasing costs. Since then a bitter struggle is being waged by the ex-employees of BGML against the Ministry of Mines both inside the courts and outside to revive the mines. In September 2003 the Karnataka High Court directed the government to hand over the mines to the employees and in December 2006, the Ministry undertook in court to do so at a market determined price. In July, 2010 after protracted litigation, the High Court of Karnataka finalized the terms and procedure of transfer, but the government has not yet acted upon them. It appears now that the government may well recant from its earlier position and so the future of the Kolar gold mines is uncertain.

The gold mines until recently supplied the major portion of gold for India. The economy of Kolar also depends on silk farming and wool spinning.
The region is also suitable for adventure sports. It is also known for its fortresses and temples. The places for tourist attraction are
Kolaramma temple
Nandi Hills,
Bangaru Tirupati
Bethamangala, Budikote
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