Terror Attacks on Hindu Pilgrim Spots

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in Varanasi


The residents of the holiest Hindu cities in India were shocked to hear about two blasts which rocked the city in the year 2008, which occurred simultaneously. The first one happened at the Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple and since it was Tuesday, a special day for Lord Hanuman, it was crowded with devotees from various parts of the state. Around 20 people were killed and more than 50 wounded in the two blasts and a LeT agent suspected behind the attack was handed over to West Bengal police. The bomb with ammonium nitrate in it was used for the explosion and it was connected to timer devices.
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Reader's comments(40)
1: Hey ,, there is no wrong with headlines..its perfect headlines

those all are hindu pilgrimage so it is written here..

Posted by: jenti - 04 Jun, 2012
2: How sarcastic it is to read the comments "Almost everyone is writing about misleading title", everyone seems to have offended and suggest it was not us(Hindus) it was they(Muslims). Come on guys, think for a minute, terrorism is a problem regardless of religion. No body seems to address the terrorism as a problem itself, rather all of you are over-reacting to the title of the post. It is ironical to read, the way you are just offended by the title of this post. The same way Muslims get offended if you label them with "terrorists". You can't even give a 2 digit percentage figure about the terror acts committed by Muslims, then please remain silent and stop Islamophobia. It is better to address the issue of terrorism with united concern, shared responsibility and equal human values. If you truly a believer, you already know that each soul is precious in the eyes of God, only how you behave, think and act will let you be judged by him.
Posted by: Dan - 01 May, 2012
3: i think you should contact those terrorist and give them a lesson that all religions are same. if bin laden was alive we could have fixed a meeting with him and may be you could have convinced him to end what they are doing .
shivkumar replied to: Dan post - 02 May, 2012
4: Change the title.I blame congress government in general and particularly Mr.Chidambaram,who failed as home minister,fool still not learn any lesson and trying bring COMMUNAL AND TARGETD VOILENC ACT 2012 to send all Hindus jail.They failed misarably to teach lessons to paki pigs.
Posted by: dattatraya bhat - 30 Apr, 2012
5: Your news paper is a shameless publickly lying news paper. In your racist moments you write that the terrorist attacks on hindu pilgrimage centers are by hindus when it is known that those hindu pilgrim places were attacked by muslim terrorist.
Posted by: MRajagopalan - 28 Apr, 2012
6: What a mischievious headline. Shame on you!
Posted by: Shaas Ruz - 28 Apr, 2012
7: This magazine is entered in to cheap politics and making cheap comments, its time to unsubscribe
Posted by: rishi - 28 Apr, 2012
8: I agree with you head line is shameful.....it seems to be some pseudo sickliest time unsubscribe
Rajni Koul replied to: rishi post - 28 Apr, 2012
9: Hey ! who ever is writer .. dont try to pull readers with fishy headline but the interesting content better change the headline. i know it your right to write but it not good to hurt or mislead the religious sentiment with your writing. A humble request change the head line....
Posted by: Shashwat - 28 Apr, 2012
10: All these attacks are on Hindu places of worship by Muslim Terrorists. Your headline is misleading. It should have read" Muslim Terrorists' attack on Hindus on the raise"
Posted by: Gopa Nair - 28 Apr, 2012
11: You are right brother. or else its meaned like hindu terrorists and was shicked. the writer must re-think while posting such sensitive articles
Sunsam replied to: Gopa Nair post - 28 Apr, 2012
12: Please corre the title : It should read as "Terror Attach" on Hindu Pilgrim Spots. Otherwise, it just tell the world there is Hindu Terror Attach.
Posted by: Yogi - 27 Apr, 2012
13: True ,these idiots should correct it or may be they are looking for attention from muslim readers
rureirir replied to: Yogi post - 29 Apr, 2012
14: Actually hindu attack on their pilgrim spots.the title is correct.
charlie P cruz replied to: Yogi post - 29 Apr, 2012
15: You disgusting buggers always trying to prove your superiority on other religions
Bandana replied to: charlie P cruz post - 02 May, 2012
16: The solid proof that Hindu are not attackers is that the animals like you still exist in India and they can speak like that shit. Actually,rather than speaking on this, you should worry for the churches in christen countries where no christian is coming after knowing the true face of christianity !
VP replied to: charlie P cruz post - 29 Apr, 2012
17: Hindus are only in India, no other country...its fake religion...no more talk about hinduism...please.
charlie P cruz replied to: VP post - 01 May, 2012
18: Hey Charlie, Even your religion doesn't seems to be true. Do you know Hinduism is the only religion in the world which is not evangelizing
Ganesh Nadarreplied to: charlie P cruz post - 02 May, 2012
19: Agreed! What a misleading headline...
Manbas Khan replied to: Yogi post - 28 Apr, 2012
20: need to brush up their english gramer i guess
manu replied to: Manbas Khan post - 30 Apr, 2012
21: Very well said sir. The Headline is akin to CRIMINAL Mischief. We are the victims and have now become our own villains because of this headline
Truth Speaker replied to: Yogi post - 27 Apr, 2012
22: Right, please correct the heading....
Yogi replied to: Truth Speaker post - 28 Apr, 2012
23: Dear All,
Forget about headlines it doesn't matter. What does matter is we have been attacked from all sides. We have to think about this.
Ganesh Nadar replied to: Yogi post - 02 May, 2012
24: Pl. coorect the headlines
Sandy replied to: Yogi post - 28 Apr, 2012
25: Really.. I was shocked seeing the title. Please change it ASAP. It mislead millions.
G Srinivasreplied to: Sandy post - 28 Apr, 2012
26: The correct title should be something like this: Terror Attack at Hindu Pilgrim Spots.
G Srinivasreplied to: G Srinivas post - 28 Apr, 2012
27: Do maintain some kind of review on this kind of sensitive topics before publishing.
Ravindra replied to: G Srinivas post - 28 Apr, 2012
28: It should be ' Terror attacks on Hindu pilgrim spots." Some mischief monger has changed the Head line. I feel editors will be wise enough to accept their folly
T.C.Shivaswamy replied to: Ravindra post - 29 Apr, 2012
29: Ur headline is CRIMINAL
Posted by: Truth Speaker - 27 Apr, 2012
30: not 90% of terrorists its all terrorists are muslims.
purushottam replied to: Truth Speaker post - 30 Apr, 2012
INDIAN replied to: Truth Speaker post - 27 Apr, 2012
32: Well then lets put it like this ARE YOU BJP, or one of its right wing hate monger facist?
rajani replied to: INDIAN post - 01 May, 2012
33: its shame for all of us because they are calling us terrorist.we hindu love our motherland. Jai Hind
arun replied to: INDIAN post - 29 Apr, 2012
34: Why can't ur MISLEADING headline say that truth that this is Islaamic Terror. This is the reason why Hindus in this nation are suffering because of this cruel and unjust one sided secularism.
Truth speaker replied to: Truth Speaker post - 27 Apr, 2012
35: ghatiya headline
Anand replied to: Truth speaker post - 28 Apr, 2012
36: A humble request change the head line....This is the Islaamic Terror attack on Hindus....And everyone knows this including this f**k writer..
Indian replied to: Anand post - 28 Apr, 2012
37: This is congress game plan to divert the issues. brothers lets come together to save our motherland from this this ITALIAN lady
SACHA HINDUSTANI replied to: Indian post - 29 Apr, 2012
38: This is the heights of the pseudosecularists who are alleging the most tolerant community. They need a kick on their *** .
Vipul replied to: Anand post - 28 Apr, 2012
39: This is the heights of the pseudosecularists who are alleging the most tolerant community. They need a kick on their *** .
Vipul replied to: Anand post - 28 Apr, 2012
40: This is the heights of the pseudosecularists who are alleging the most tolerant community. They need a kick on their *** .
Vipul replied to: Anand post - 28 Apr, 2012