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In recent years India India is recognized as the prioritized spot for adventure tourism which giving you a chance to indulge in hair raising and daring adventure in few major a...more>>
Geologists have found large masses of hot dry rock (HDR), a form of clean energy, in northwest China's Qinghai Province, authorities said Monday. The rocks, at least 150 sq k...more>>
The effects of climate change are already visible across the world, specially among vulnerable population of countries like India, the new report of the Intergovernmental Panel ...more>>
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Japan to "revoke" its permits for whale hunts in Antarctica since Tokyo failed to meet the requirements for the "purposes of...more>>
British Foreign Secretary William Hague Monday called for "global cooperation" to tackle the climate change, urging governments around the world to take actions. "Unless ther...more>>
Communities, cities, businesses and governments that are taking the lead in tackling climate change can apply to have their game-changing initiatives recognized by the UN Climat...more>>
Picking up Ooty as an ideal break from your bustling city life allows you to rejuvenate amid the fresh nature.Ooty, today is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in India. Lo...more>>
It was a pleasant Saturday morning here with a minimum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. The Met Office has forecast a cloudy day with the possibility of light rain in som...more>>
They say teachers are the best purveyors of knowledge. A wildlife NGO in Assam has launched a training programme for teachers not only to spread the message of wildlife conserva...more>>
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