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Bulsar is one of the tourist attractions in Surat in Gujarat. This tourist spot is located very near to Surat. Tourists from different parts of the country as well as nature l...more>>
The Old Fort is one of the popular tourist attractions in Surat. This fort of Surat has close association with the history of India. In the 14th century, the Old Fort has been c...more>>
Situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from the heart of the city, Dandi in Surat is a center for the production of salt and is of historical importance to all the Indians. Owin...more>>
You crane your neck to see the tops of the towering trees, the teak perhaps flowering, the bamboo brakes aplenty. The canopy is so thick you find parts of the forest in darkness...more>>
Surat is a bustling port city sited in the state of Gujarat. A forerunner of India's industrial enterprises, Surat is shrouded in history and myriads of reference of its former ...more>>
Bardoli has acquired an important place in the history of India. Bardoli is located at a distance of 34 kilometer from the city of Surat in Gujarat. Tourists and followers of Ga...more>>
Many parts of Odisha Thursday came under the grip of a heat wave condition, with a town recording the highest temperature in the state at 40.5 degrees Celsius, an official said....more>>
Monuments have been a significant part of our landscapes for millennia. Few out of them have been established by their communities almost immediately, while others raised contro...more>>
The Vans Warped Tour is well famed as America's premier music and lifestyle festivel.Kevin Lyman after working on events that paired skateboarding competitions with live music d...more>>
Gavi is an eco-tourist spot in Kerala which has widely become popular tourism major listed it among the leading eco-tourism centres.Gavi is situated in 28 km south west of Vand...more>>
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