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BANGALORE: The world has an ecstasy for the beaches around. India's long stretched coastline does have some of the exquisite beaches that are just perfect for people who are thi...more>>
Ages have gone by and the monuments of Jaisalmer have withstood the buffeting winds of the desert all through. Jaisalmer is a paragon of beautiful culture and harsh climatic con...more>>
Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Indian Himalayas. Most pilgrims to the Chota Char Dham embark from the famous temple town of Haridwar. Dhams are often considered the most revere...more>>
Most of the states of India have hill stations but few among them are prior to others with huge number of travelers in summer season. Western Ghats and Himalayan mountains are t...more>>
It will be a warm Friday here with partly cloudy skies and the maximum temperature is expected to hover around 30 degrees Celsius, the Met Office said. An official of the Ind...more>>
India and Singapore won the 2014 edition of the UN-Water "Water for Life" Best Practices Award for their sustainable practices of water resources, authorities said Friday. Th...more>>
Four people, including a six-month-old baby, were killed and at least 27 others injured in a cyclonic storm in Meghalaya's West Khasi Hills district, officials said Thursday. ...more>>
India is a land of diversity. India is a land of varied cultures. India is a land of festivals. And then India is a land of temples from Ancient with its majestic architecture ...more>>
This beautiful High range district of Kerala is geographically known for its Mountainous Hills and Dense Forests. For the people of Kerala, Idukki is always associated with Powe...more>>
Since Kerala emerged as a gateway for Europeans to India from the arrival of Vasco Da Gama in ancient era history of 'Gods Own County' Started in beautiful land. A number of mus...more>>
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