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New Zealand's expanding fishing activities were again under fire Thursday with falling numbers reported of yet another of the country's endangered marine mammals. The gover...more>>
Rising mercury in After an extended spell of winter, weather across Uttar Pradesh is finally turning warmer. During the first week of March, temperatures have climbed steadily...more>>
A cloudy day with rain lies ahead for Delhi Monday, the weather office here said. Delhi was lashed by a brief spell of thunder shower Sunday night as well as Mondy morning,...more>>
Fresh snowfall and landslides Monday forced closure of the strategic Jammu-Srinagar highway. An official of the traffic department told IANS that due to fresh snowfall in B...more>>
Heavy rain accompanied by hailstorms in 28 districts of Maharashtra claimed the lives of at least 12 people and caused widespread damage to crops, affecting nearly five millio...more>>
A high-danger avalanche warning was Monday issued in Jammu and Kashmir for higher reaches of the Kashmir valley and Kargil district of Ladakh following heavy snowfall. "On ...more>>
In a bid to clean Mt. Everest of waste accumulated over decades of climbing, the Nepal government has introduced a new provision effective the coming spring season according t...more>>
A white tigress gave birth to a litter of four cubs in the Patna zoo here Wednesday, an official said. Tigress Swarna gave birth to four cubs, two normal and two white, sai...more>>
Most of the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh Saturday saw a marginal rise in the temperature due to long sunny days, but the Met office forecast chances of rain and more snow...more>>
Summer capital Srinagar and other places in the Valley received fresh snowfall and the weather office said more is expected in higher reaches Monday. Srinagar city and othe...more>>
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