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Bangalore: When love is in the air it's good to have a date on a roof-top restaurant, just a suggestion! These top dinning places which touches the sky in all senses gives a viv...more>>
Bangalore:There are numerous places in India where specific people are not allowed to enter. Strange, isn't it? But as a matter of fact there are actually some holy places in In...more>>
Bangalore: For most of us, vacations are a time to relax and rejuvenate while for others they're a chance to see some sights and experience interesting cultures around the world...more>>
Bangalore: Religion means a thousand words. We humans live life on the basis of an aura called belief and belief is what helped humans in building the sacred path called religio...more>>
For people who are passionate about trekking, South India aids as a bliss. There are infinite places offering trekking which are beautiful and furthermore adventurous. It is con...more>>
Having eradicated polio from within its borders, India has scaled up measures to prevent the polio virus from re-entering, making it mandatory for all travelers from certain cou...more>>
Lalgarh Palace The magnificent structure in sandstone is a perfect example of Indo- Sarasenic architecture. It was shaped and designed by Sir Swinton Jacod. It is a ideal ble...more>>
City Palace City Palace located in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur, the City Palace was where the Maharaja reigned from. This palace also includes the famous 'Chandra Maha...more>>
Taragarh Fort Taragarh Fort literally 'Star Fort' is the most remarkable of structures of city of Bundi near to Ajmer . A rather broken down fort, with its overgrown vegetati...more>>
Amber Fort Amber fort is famed with its blended artistic style of Hindu and Rajput rudiments. Amber fort is constructed in 1952 and which is made in red sand stone and white...more>>
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