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Lamma Island- Located about half an hour by ferry from bustling downtown Hong Kong, Lamma is an eclectic melting-pot of arty culture and Chinese tradition. Due to its proximi...more>>
A Geopark Is A Unique Natural Area With Special Geological Significance And Natural And Cultural Landscapes, And Serves The Three Objectives Of Conservation, Education And Susta...more>>
No Trip To Hong Kong Would Be Complete Without A Visit To The Giant Buddha Which Sits Serenely Atop Ngong Ping Plateau Amid The Spectacular Mountain Scenery Of Lantau Island. ...more>>
Magical Victoria Harbour Victoria Harbour is one of Hong Kong's greatest assets, a jewel that people marvel at,no matter how many times they visit the city.People come from...more>>
There's a reason why The Peak is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong: It is absolutely incredible! Looking down from The Peak you'll be amazed by the spectacular vi...more>>
Dubai is coming up with one of the most extravagant display of affluence on earth, an underwater hotel, 10m under the sea off the Emirate's coast made of submerged discs. Dryd...more>>
Hong Kong Offers A Host Of Memorable Tourist Attractions Within Its Compact Area, With The Peak,Victoria Harbour And The Giant Buddha Among The Most Awe-Inspiring. You'll Be ...more>>
Nandan Kanan Means Garden Of Pleasure, And This Combination Of Zoo, Botanical Garden And Sanctuary 20 Km From Bhubaneswar, In The Splendid Environs Of The Chandaka Forest, Alon...more>>
In A Discovery That Has Baffled Chinese Archaeologists, More Than 200 Ancient Fortresses Have Been Found In A Mountainous Region In The Northern Part Of The Country. The Fort...more>>
Beach is a pleasant place where you can chill pleasantly and chit-chat with your friend, talk about life. but here you have to Stop. Beach is not Silent but at the same time, it...more>>
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