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New Delhi, A high-level committee will assess pollution on Goa beaches, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said Tuesday. Responding to a calling attention motion in the R...more>>
Washington, A study led by Indian-origin researcher Rajan Chakrabarty has found a previously unrecognised form of soot particle, identified by the authors as "superaggregates", ...more>>
New Delhi, India's overall forest cover has increased by 5,871 sq km since 2011 and the maximum rise has been witnessed in West Bengal (3,810 sq km) followed by Odisha (1,444 sq...more>>
Srinagar, A medium-intensity tremor measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale rocked Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday evening but no damage was reported from anywhere, officials said. "A m...more>>
New Delhi, It was a sunny Wednesday morning here with a minimum temperature of 29.6 degrees Celsius, two notches above the season's average. The Met Office has forecast a par...more>>
The undersized yet tightly inhabited nation, the diminutive but miraculously exceptional country Netherlands situated underneath the sea level in North-West Europe. Today;...more>>
Washington, In a ground-breaking discovery, scientists have identified the fossilised remains of an extinct giant bird that could be the world's biggest such. Named "Pelagorn...more>>
A country that enfolds an unusual something or the other for every person, the country Argentina has an extensive collection of beautiful scenery, gorgeous countryside's and d...more>>
The Latin American and South American largest country, the Federative Republic of Brazil is considered one of the most remarkable places on earth. The country is diversify...more>>
Lucknow, After two days of incessant rainfall in many parts of Uttar Pradesh, it finally took a break for few days, officials said Tuesday. The rain took a break for few days...more>>
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