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Jaipur, Hindustan Zinc, a company involved in zinc-lead-silver business, has signed an agreement with the Rajasthan government to build 30,000 toilets for poor families in rural...more>>
Kolkata, Actor-turned-politician Moon Moon Sen, a first time parliamentarian, Saturday said she has consulted noted animal conservationist Belinda Wright to help resolve the hum...more>>
Beijing, People in southern China celebrated the annual dog meat festival Saturday despite mounting protests from animal welfare groups and pet owners from across the world. ...more>>
Vienna, Meals prepared from locally sourced organic ingredients, hybrid cabs for guests, solar panels that produce electricity and water drawn from a well are some unique feat...more>>
New Delhi, The week ended on a hot, sunny note Sunday as the maximum temperature settled two notches above the season's average at 40 degrees Celsius. Light rain is expected Mon...more>>
Beijing, Rainstorms in south China over the last four days have left 26 people dead and three others missing in nine provincial-level regions of the country, the government said...more>>
Tokyo, A video clip has become a phenomena on social networks in Japan as it shows inhabitants of Fukushima dancing to reclaim "the happy side" of this Japanese region affected ...more>>
New Delhi, Dame Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and UN messenger of peace, Friday urged the government to free animals from captivity after the recent death of rhinoceros a...more>>
Washington, The more light a solar panel's active elements absorb, the more power it produces. So, researchers have now replaced a two-step process for producing black silicon -...more>>
New York, Fish use their watery voices to relay distress, find prey, defend their nests, and attract mates but the sounds they make also help marine crabs to hide from predators...more>>
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