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Tokyo, A video clip has become a phenomena on social networks in Japan as it shows inhabitants of Fukushima dancing to reclaim "the happy side" of this Japanese region affected ...more>>
New Delhi, Dame Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and UN messenger of peace, Friday urged the government to free animals from captivity after the recent death of rhinoceros a...more>>
Washington, The more light a solar panel's active elements absorb, the more power it produces. So, researchers have now replaced a two-step process for producing black silicon -...more>>
New York, Fish use their watery voices to relay distress, find prey, defend their nests, and attract mates but the sounds they make also help marine crabs to hide from predators...more>>
New York, Are animals limited, as proposed by Darwin, in their options to evolve showiness? No, says a new study done on one of the world's largest and most colourful bird famil...more>>
Lucknow, Rains lashed the Uttar Pradesh capital Friday bringing down the temperature, giving much relief to the people from the hot and humid weather. The monsoon has arrived...more>>
New Delhi, It was a sunny Friday morning in the national capital with the minimum temperature recorded three notches above the season's average at 31.0 degrees Celsius. The Met ...more>>
The Country is a dwelling for the gigantic domains and prehistoric Indus valley civilization. The terra firma that to be found in the South Asian province, Sri Lanka and Maldive...more>>
Patna, Monsoon rains finally lashed parts of Bihar Wednesday, bringing respite to millions affected by the scorching and humid summer as well as hope for farmers in the drought-...more>>
New Delhi, A petition signed by over 70,000 people was submitted to the ministry of health and family welfare Wednesday, urging an import ban on cosmetics tested on animals abro...more>>
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