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Jammu, Jammu recorded the season's highest temperature at 44 degrees Celsius Monday, an official said Tuesday. "Jammu city recorded the hottest day of this season yesterday (...more>>
BANGALORE: Soaring temperatures, freezing winters, deserted lands, and vanishing water beds-these are the common sight now a days with global warming taking toll on the precious...more>>
BANGALORE: Temples are considered as a beautiful piece of architecture across the globe. Though there are numerous temples around the world only some of them have gained interna...more>>
Chandigarh, Heat wave conditions intensified over most parts of Punjab and Haryana Thursday with temperatures ranging from 44 to 46 degrees Celsius at several places, Met offici...more>>
Bangalore, Increasing use of solar energy to protect environment and address the growing need for power across the country was stressed at a green summit here Thursday. "It i...more>>
Panaji, If the K. Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats is adopted by the Goa government, even the state secretariat would come in a no-development zone, said state Forest and E...more>>
Sydney, A population of marsupials called northern quolls was discovered in the remote island of Molema, north Australia, media reported. These animals are similar to cats an...more>>
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is reeling under a severe heat condition with the maximum temperature in many places touching a new high. The mercury soared to a maximum of 47.2 degre...more>>
Loss of flora and fauna poses a massive threat to human existence. To save and protect our environment, IANS has picked up some educational environment books for you to befriend...more>>
London, In a landmark discovery, scientists have cracked the genetic code of sheep, revealing how they became a distinct species from goats around four million years ago. The...more>>
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