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New Delhi, State-run oil marketing companies will work to spread the cooking gas (LPG) network in rural areas to ensure greater access, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan sai...more>>
London, Welcome to the mesmerizing world of silk symphony. Here silk transmits vibrations across a wide range of harmonics to its native - the spider. When plucked like a gui...more>>
Washington, We have long wondered at the complex navigation abilities of the bees who use the sun as a compass. But bees do memorise a mental map too, like humans, despite their...more>>
New Delhi, On the eve of World Environment Day, an environmental think tank Wednesday presented its action plan and urged the central government to initiate proactive and positi...more>>
New Delhi, With WHO ranking Delhi as the world's worst city for air pollution, experts are calling for an urgent action plan to combat respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart a...more>>
Kolkata, A higher percentage of women as compared to men placed equal importance on both environmental protection and development, according to a survey conducted by The Energy ...more>>
New York, Since 2009, catfish farming in Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas in the US has been seriously impacted by an emerging strain of Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria that caus...more>>
New Delhi, There is a dearth of environment coverage on Indian TV channels with the coverage since 2009 showing a sharp decline, said a study ahead of World Environment Day June...more>>
New Delhi, Environment seems to be the top priority on the people's mind with 90 percent Indians believing climate change is a reality, according to TERI's Environmental Survey ...more>>
The recent news about the active consideration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government to start a new ministry to oversee the Himalayas is most welcome. In all these years ...more>>
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