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Tokyo, The operator of the troubled Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan Wednesday began to dump controlled quantities of water with low radioactivity into the sea. This ...more>>
Lucknow, All motor vehicles more than 15-years old will have to pay green tax in Uttar Pradesh soon, officials said. The state cabinet has given a go ahead to the amendment i...more>>
New Delhi, The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has concluded there was no design deficiency involved in the recent hot water spillage at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant...more>>
New Delhi, Delhi experienced a warm Tuesday with the maximum temperature recorded at 39.2 degrees Celsius, a notch above the season's average. The Met Office has forecast a warm...more>>
New York, Ever wondered why the hundreds of suckers lining an octopus’ arms do not grab onto the octopus itself? That is because a chemical produced by octopus skin tempora...more>>
London, Meet the world's oldest grandmother - 24-year old Poppy who loves to eat chickens, kebabs, fish and chips. In we go by how humans age, she is already 114-years-old! ...more>>
London, As the earth warms up and snowfall goes down, rivers in snow-affected regions would be left with less water to discharge, a study that linked rate of snowfall with the a...more>>
New Delhi, Monsoon rains have reached the Andaman Sea and parts of the Bay of Bengal, the India Meteorological Department said Monday. According to the department, monsoon hi...more>>
London, Pursuit of sex may be a killer, at least for the male fruit flies who compete with other males over their potential mates, a study revealed. Male fruit flies forced t...more>>
London, Forget T-rex, this gigantic dinosaur that once roamed the earth was as heavy as 14 African elephants! Yes, Scientists have unearthed fossilised bones of a 70-tonne sp...more>>
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