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London, The most lovable marine animal dolphin were swimming the ocean six million years earlier than previously thought, a thrilling research reveals. Modern dolphins like t...more>>
London, Dinosaurs are not extinct, go tell this to your kids. There are about 10,000 species alive today - in the form of birds! Yes. The dinosaurs just shrank their bodies o...more>>
New Delhi, For the second year running, Hindustan Powerprojects has been selected for the National Safety Council's award for safety and health practices at its Anuppur thermal ...more>>
New Delhi, The government has introduced a draft notification that bans India from importing animal-tested cosmetics. If the ban is implemented, India will become Asia's first a...more>>
New Delhi It was a cloudy, pleasant morning in the national capital Tuesday, a day after rain drenched the city. Light rain is expected in some areas, said the Met Office. "T...more>>
Washington Indian data centre technologies expert Shekhar Dasgupta has presented a new set of measures that go well beyond raising efficiency of IT infrastructure paving the way...more>>
Bhubaneswar Odisha Monday confirmed two more deaths due to sunstroke, taking the death toll in the heat wave sweeping across the state to 12. One person died in Angul and ano...more>>
New Delhi It was a warm Monday in the national capital with the maximum temperature recorded one notch below the season's average at 38.2 degrees Celsius. The Met office has for...more>>
Agra A group of activists, retired soldiers, media persons and other people has embarked on a mission to clean public places, road crossings, parks and other utilities in this T...more>>
New York Even the giant dinosaurs could not intimidate the crocodilians, the ancient relatives of saltwater crocodiles. They killed the dinosaurs with death rolls that involv...more>>
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