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New Delhi, The national capital Monday experienced a cloudy day throughout with light drizzles in some parts of the city. Some more rain is expected Tuesday, the IMD said. Th...more>>
Agra, Whoever wins the general election on May 16, will the water supply position in the eco-sensitive Taj Trapezium zone improve? This is the million dollar question everyone i...more>>
Abu Dhabi, A new species has been added to the global list of invertebrates after an unexpected discovery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The metallic-coloured Cuckoo Wasp...more>>
Naypyidaw, Myanmar President U Thein Sein urged Asean leaders to address the impact of climate change along with other relevant issues as the 24th summit of the group began in t...more>>
Nairobi, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here Saturday that his country would deepen cooperation with UN agencies to boost green development, address climate change, so as to pr...more>>
New York, Plants are using a "calcium wave" to survive in the increasingly salty or saline soils that have become a problem the world over, research suggests. Increasing sali...more>>
New Delhi, Coolers, water sprinklers and seasonal summer food like beetroot and watermelon are some of the special arrangements Delhi Zoo has made to help the animals and birds ...more>>
BANGALORE: 'The Land of Spices', India, was ruled by the British for nearly 200 years during which the country lost its status as the richest country having the world's largest ...more>>
Bangalore: Mother's Day is one of the most popular days among people across the world. It is celebrated around the world on different days in different countries. Most of people...more>>
New Delhi/Chennai, The Supreme Court Thursday refused to appoint a team headed by former nuclear power regulatory board chairman A. Gopalakrishnan to examine whether 15 directio...more>>
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