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New York Even the giant dinosaurs could not intimidate the crocodilians, the ancient relatives of saltwater crocodiles. They killed the dinosaurs with death rolls that involv...more>>
New York Even as the world gets warmer, some may still not feel it as global warming has not happened everywhere at the same rate, according to a study that looked into global l...more>>
Vienna Of the beautiful "Blue Danube" to which Johann Strauss dedicated the famous Viennese waltzes in 1867, it is only the name that remains. Instead there are never-before-see...more>>
Abu Dhabi UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon commended efforts made by the BRICS countries in fighting global warming but urged them to increase their contribution. Ban Sunday ...more>>
Islamabad At least 32 peacocks have died in Pakistan's Sindh province over the past week due to the deadly viral Newcastle disease, media reported Sunday. The Tharparkar Wild...more>>
New Delhi Delhiites will experience a cloudy Sunday and the maximum temperature is likely to hover around 38 degrees Celsius, said the Met Office. "The sky will remain cloudy...more>>
New Delhi The week ended on a hot, sunny note here Sunday with the maximum temperature a notch above the season's average at 39.7 degrees Celsius. Similar weather is expected Mo...more>>
New York In an alarming revelation, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the first time topped 400 parts per million for a month, according to the Scripps Institution of Oceanog...more>>
Panaji Vagator, one of Goa's more picturesque beaches and a stunning backdrop for Bollywood cult classics like "Dil Chahta Hai", is in the news for the wrong reason. After an...more>>
New Delhi As the country celebrates the high voter turnout, there is a significant chunk of the population - some tens of thousands - that never got an opportunity to exercise t...more>>
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