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London, Can animals fall in love with humans? They do, but in the case of a female animal researcher the chemistry between her and a male dolphin was well beyond just love. I...more>>
New York, Farmers could help combat climate change by applying more-precise amounts of nitrogen-based fertilisers, a study shows. "Agriculture accounts for eight to 14 percen...more>>
Bangalore, A study by an international team using satellite and ground-based instruments has shown that crop residue burning, a common practice in northern India and particularl...more>>
New Delhi, The unforgiving summer heat of the capital, with day temperatures touching a 62-year high of 47.4 degrees Celsius and even night temperatures touching 30 degrees, is ...more>>
New York, Not only climate change, subglacial volcanoes below the West Antarctic ice sheet are also contributing to the melting of Thwaites Glacier - a major river of ice that f...more>>
London, Are you living in the vicinity of a busy highway or an airport or even a hospital? Constant noise emanating from heavy city traffic, industrial machinery, aeroplanes and...more>>
New Delhi, It required a new prime minister to shake up India's notoriously slothful 'babudom' (colloquial for bureaucracy) and clean up its shabby offices and workplaces. Th...more>>
New Delhi, Buyers of flats in some parts of Noida will have to mark time as the Supreme Court Tuesday declined to interfere with an NGT order restraining the New Okhla Industria...more>>
New Delhi, The national capital witnessed yet another day of scorching sun and blistering heat as Tuesday's maximum temperature settled six notches above the season's average at...more>>
Mandi (Himachal Pradesh), A survivor of the Beas river disaster in Himachal Pradesh Sunday, in which 26 students of a Hyderabad engineering college were washed away, Monday reca...more>>
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