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6 Must See Places To Visit In Coorg

Coorg locally known as Kodagu the original name of kodagu is Kodaimalenadu means 'dense forest on steep hill'. coorg is the great Scotland of India, this town has a lot to offer to the tourist.Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is one of the most beautiful hill stations you can visit. It lies on Karnataka's southwestern end, covering an area of 4,102 sq km.

Abbi Falls
Abbi falls, is amidst of lush spread of coffee plantation and is located at about 10kms from the town of Madikeri, Western Ghats. Abby cascades 70 ft down to flow as a small river .The falls appear suddenly, the water cascading over rocks into calm pools. A path through coffee and cardamom plantation off the main road adds to the attraction of the falls. Enjoy the gushing, roaring beauty but a desire to take a dip in the cool waters may prove to be risky.The scenic locales around the Abbey Falls make it an ideal picnic spot. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls comes in handy for the Tourists. There is a Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge and Coffee and Black Pepper trees on the other side. The best time to visit the Abbey Falls is from July to October when monsoon brings in plenty of water.

Bylakuppe Tibetan Monastery
Bylakuppe is the Tibetan Refugee resettlement, location of "Lugsum Samdupling" (established in 1961) and "Dickyi Larsoe" (established in 1969), in the west of Mysore district. The nearest town is Kushalnagar in Kodagu in the State of Karnataka.The Tibetian refugees make up a population of about 10,000. It consists of a number of small camps/agricultural settlements close to each other, and has a number of monasteries, nunneries and temples in all the major Tibetan Buddhist traditions.The most famous monastery among these is the Namdroling Monastery, popularly known as the Golden Temple.ree beautiful golden Buddha statues each of 40 Feet namely Padmasambhava, Buddha and Amitayus look down at visitors above the altar in Golden Temple.
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