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6 Must See Places To Visit In Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp
This is mainly an elephant-capturing and training camp of the Forest Department. Nearly 150 elephants are trained in various camps. The wild elephants are tamed and trained with the help of other tamed elephants and local tribes (the Kurubas). In Dubare Elephant Camp A trained naturalist/expert is at hand to explain the various aspects of elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving these elephants.Tourists enjoy scrubbing the ears and backs as the elephants throw water on themselves through their trunks. After the bathing fun, it's dinner time, with visitors serving raagi balls made especially for them by the forest department.

Omkareshwara Temple
This temple is located in the heart of the city of Madikeri town and very near to the fort.Legend goes that Linga Rajendra II, ordered an execution of a pious Brahmin who dared to question the misdeeds of the King. Then later, the spirit of the dead Brahmin started troubling the King day and night. On the directions from the spiritual men of his court to avert this trouble, king constructed the temple and installed a Shivalinga that was procured from Kasi (Kasi is located in the norther part of the India). The Omkareshwara temple in Madikeri was built by Lingarajendra II in 1820 in the Mumammadan style of architecture with a dome in the center and four turrets at four corners.
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