The Wonders of Stone Temples Down South


Located on the tip of Indian Peninsula, Ramanathaswamy Temple is an iconic place where we can still see an excerpt of the Ramayana, one of the greatest epics. This is the sacred place where Lord Rama built a bridge with the help of the 'vanarasainya'to save Goddess Sita from the evil Ravana, in Lanka (Sri Lanka). The temple has huge carvings of lotuses if you see the aerial view. They are painted with various hues which catches our attention in no time.
It is one of the longest hallways in India till date, with splendid architecture erecting out of each pillar. There are twenty- two wells; where water is as fresh as during that era, without drying up a bit. A sprinkle of this water is believed to be sacred. The 'Mahagopuram' is majestic with a height of 126 feet. The primary deity 'Jyotirlingam' is barely 1 foot.
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