Countries That Are Dangerous, Yet Beautiful

Travelling in Brazil can be fun and filled with adventures, but never let your guard down while exploring the country. On one end the country is filled with mesmerizing natural wonders such as the Iguacu Falls and the Amazon that are considered as travelers delight, whereas on the other end there is high rates of gang violence, especially in cities like Sao Paulo. Even tourist-ridden Rio de Janeiro is not considered safe, as it is home to scary levels of murder, rape and theft. And the dangers don’t end there, especially if you’re leaning towards that Amazon kayaking adventure. Be wary of the blood-hungry piranhas, Black Caimans, army ants and jaguars that are found all around the Amazon.
Antarctica offers an experience that is out of this world. Though it is relatively safe compared to the other entries in the list, opting to explore the wilderness without proper guidance is nothing short of a suicide mission. If you wander off, your chances of survival are very slim, as the frigid temperature that can reach as low as -60 degree Celsius can kill you in little less than an hour.
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