En-route Bannerghatta National park!!
Vijay Patel
Hello guys!! I want to write this blog to share my experience of Bannerghatta national park in Bangalore. So my journey starts at 8 am in the morning, from my flat, I had to l ave early because of the traffic in Bangalore. The national park is about 11km from Murugeshpalya, due to its location near the city, you would hardly reach in 30-40 minutes. But my advice is to always leave before the expected time so that you can reach the destination on time. After leaving the home, at 8:45 reached the destination. The opening timing of park was at 9 AM, so there was no difficulty in purchasing tickets. The ticket costs me 260 INR. The first Safari bus starts at 10 AM, After having my lunch, I got in a queue for safari bus.

Safari on the bus:-

The journey started with an amazing view of greenery in the national park. We saw many animals during our safari and our driver was also driving the bus very smoothly so that we can enjoy the movement joyously. During the safari, we encountered with some bear, elephants, different variety of species of deer. At some time, some animals blocked our way during the safari. There was a Lion, to which I was totally intimidated by his ferociousness, the way he roared at us when we reached his nearby was thrilling, I literally got Goose
umps at the time. I also got to see cubs of bear, to which bear was protecting, I filled with emotions. Along the way, we encountered with tiger also, he was having its breakfast serenely. There was also a small zoo, where you will get to see a different variety of butterfly snakes, ducks, crocodile, etc at a distance of your forehand.

Restaurants at the national park:

There are many private restaurants outside the national park where you can sit with your family and have dinner peacefully and they also charge according to the quality of the food. So, it is not that bad for a hygiene loving person. So overall, I would say that food was good as well as their services also.

My overall Experience

I would say that a national park is a peaceful place, where you will see varieties of animals during the safari. It was a fabulous experience, everyone should experience this as it helps us to know the nature more accurately. Safari bus is good and comfortable. During the safari, I got to see many animals clearly and the crew members are also cooperative during the safari.

Tips for tourist before going to Bannerghatta national park:

If you are new in Bangalore, try to leave home an hour earlier, if you are staying on the far side of the Bangalore.

Do not go to the national park on weekends, as there will a huge crowd. In case you do not have any other day off, try to reach before 8:45.The whole Safari will be about an hour. So, take a leak before going for a safari.