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Everyone would like to spend their vacations in calm places, where there is no much noise and any sought of other pollutions. Many tourists prefer to enjoy their vacations in hi...more>>
Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) The Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is the most venerated object of worship for Buddhists. Its present house, the Temple of the Too...more>>
The Temple of Tooth: Also known as Dalda Maligawa, it is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world. Here, one of the Buddha's teeth is kept. The temple w...more>>
Kandy Kandy, the last royal capital of Sri Lanka is a major tourist destination. ( 115kM from Colombo at 465 meters above sea level). Famous for the Temple of the Tooth and m...more>>
Museums & Attractions As the capital and main port of Sri Lanka, Colombo is home to many attractions, which include three sets of foreign rulers-the Portuguese, the Dutch, a...more>>
Colombo-the capital of Sri Lanka-is the largest city and main port of Sri Lanka. It is also the commercial and financial center of Sri Lanka. A bustling metropolis, the city is ...more>>
Things to do In Sri Lanka Pristine A single line of footprints crosses the golden sand towards the Indian Ocean, which spills softly onto the beach. Beyond the stretch of...more>>
Culture of Sri Lanka As in much of Asia, 'culture' is very much a part of everyday life for most people in Sri Lanka. Beautifully carved and painted old temples like the Temp...more>>
Climate Climate is defined as the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location over a long period of time (from one month to many millions of years, but generally 30 ...more>>
Sri Lanka Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original sou...more>>
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