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Long time ago, man was just using caves for protection and for shelter. But even though people need the caves for the above mentioned necessities even today, there are many tour...more>>
Life expectancy is probably the most important measure of health and every specific area on earth has its own average age of living, which depends on numerous factors. Here is a...more>>
Bangalore: Romance on a tree top! If you want to spend your romantic trip on nature's lap then tree house resorts are the ultimate options. The regular tourist destinations for ...more>>
Bangalore: Cushman and Wakefield, one of India's leading real estate consultancy firms, released a report on the hospitality sector entitled "Indian Hospitality Story 2012 & Bey...more>>
Nature in Germany The scenery of the nature in Germany ranges from the awe-inspiring Alpine Foreland, providing a playground for hikers in summer and snowboarders in winter, ...more>>
History of Germany Gutenberg invented the printing press, Luther started with his theses the reformation of church, Einstein published his theory of relativity and the philos...more>>
Attractions Nuwara-Eliya the 'heart' of the tea country located at an elevation of 1980 meters in the central highlands of a tropical island, it offers the best both worlds a...more>>
About Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya was home away from home for the british colonialist in the 19th century. This city with an elevation of 6200 meters is the highest in Sri Lan...more>>
India is a living example of cultural and geographical kaleidoscope and the perfect destination for an exotic vacation. There are numerous destinations in the country which capt...more>>
Bangalore: Holiday is fun and enthralling. Just imagine exotic holiday destinations for girls, where they can enjoy their heart out. Shopping malls, night clubs, luxury hotels,...more>>
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